FileMaker Links For Week 15 of 2010

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Here is a listing of interesting links I found in the FileMaker community. These might not be new links but ones that I discovered and wanted to share with you this week.

Easy Example Of The Let Function
Project Management Links For Week 14 of 2010
Command / Control Click Drag Works In Relationship Graph As Well

A collection of dedicated FileMaker developers gave the FileMaker community a very special gift this week. I’m talking about the individuals that organized and facilitated the Pause On Error event earlier this year in Portland and the amazing set of videos from the event they just released. I haven’t had the opportunity to absorb them, in fact I’ve only had the time to make my way through two videos. In both cases, I was writing down a list of “I need to check into that more” items. In all the best of ways, this is incredibly dense content in a short amount of time and the price is FREE!

420 Medical mmj Marijuana Dispensary POS business application ---A LOOK BEHIND THE SCENES - CharlieDuneDo's YouTube Channel
This week we had two very tough contenders in the area of link of the week. Charlie’s set of YouTube videos resonated a chord with me that everyone should feel comfortable sharing information about their FileMaker product and make it accessible to developers of all experience levels. I was immediately intrigued by a video promoting a medical marijuana FileMaker application. Just looking at the title, it could have been a comedy bit but it is far from it. Still I had to be a little bit playful by including a graphic from a movie that I simply adore.

Anyway, this is a classic presentation of a database created by someone with a passion with FileMaker and the business purpose it serves. In many ways, it is the exact opposite of the Pause On Error videos and that is ultimately a very good thing for our community.

Dataexperience has posted three security related videos from their annual bootcamp with presenter Cris Ippolite

Learning Looping Power - (requires valid membership)
by Matt Petrowsky

Badges! -

Soliant Consulting Blog: Creating Dynamic Summary Charts
by Dawn Heady

FileMaker Pro 11: A Solid Release
from FileMaker Addict by Tim Dietrich

PODCASTS (most of these can be found in iTunes)
FileMaker Success Tips - a new release came out this week but I simply have not had the time to listen to it. It is episode 85 (I know, wow 85 episodes!) and it looks like it covers

Object resizing
Getting Around Remote Disconnect
Why are indexes faster?
Binary Searches!
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