Just Finished FileMaker 11 New Features Videos On Lynda.com

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I really like video training and exceptionally fond of the formats provided by services such as Lynda.com and VTC.com. These services have a low monthly subscription price and offer an “all you can eat” buffet of computer / profession / business related training. The length of each video is manageable (5-10 minutes), perfect for my first cup of coffee morning routines.

I also think that this format is great for companies that want to have new employees get familiar with applications used in their corporate ecosystem. Their certification of completion service (as noted below) helps validate to a manager that a direct has completed specific training courses.

I’ve been doing work in FileMaker 11 for some time now and I’m still adapting to the different ways to use its feature set. In fact, I’m still exploring and adapting to some FileMaker 10 features! So watching these 35+ videos ( 2.5 hours in total) was not a “bathed in heavenly light” experience for me but I did pick up a few things.

Next up? I watched all the FileMaker 10 videos last year, so I think I’ll explore some of the other training options before canceling my membership again. I’m intrigued by a 4 hour course labeled “Graphic Secrets for Business Professionals” that is focused on presentations. They have a suite of courses regarding presentations and presentation applications and I've always wanted to dive into that area more deeply.

If you have any video training recommendations, please send me an email.

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