FileMaker Links For Week 25 of 2010

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Here is a listing of interesting links I found in the FileMaker community. These might not be new links but ones that I discovered and wanted to share with you this week.

Working In A Live Database (VIDEO) -
Skeleton Key - Chad Adams

A quick video (under 7 minutes) that is packed with very useful information on schema locking related issues while working on a live hosted FileMaker database. Chad also shared insights on the differences between the “On Creation” and “On Commit” settings for the serial number generation for auto enter. Very nice and I found that particularly useful since I don’t think I’ve ever used the “On Commit” setting.

In addition to providing some great info, I really like the pace Chad had achieved in the video. Creating an informative and concise training video is NOT easy and this is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen shared with the FileMaker community!


Lookups on Ranges of Values -

The longest running and most content rich FileMaker blog isn’t a blog at all. It is FileMaker’s Knowledge Base and it is found at the top of the support section at! I really try to cruise by there from time to time and this week had some gems. The one that I’d like to point out here deals with another FileMaker setting that I have largely ignored. This is the “Copy Using Next Lower Value” option for lookup fields. This is a particularly well written piece and has an associated post titled “Lookups on Ranges of Discontiguous Values”. 

A Natural System - Anvil Dataworks

Show script mod time in Manage Scripts - Bill On FileMaker