A READER ASKS: FileMaker And SCRUM Management Tools

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I came across your blog while searching for scrum tools.  I am looking for a scrum database tool that would allow me to implement scrum on a product development project, generate performance reports and share the backlog with the team.  Most of what I see being offered is large, enterprise applications, hosted or server based.  Too much for me.  Can you direct me to anything you've come across or even developed yourself?  I'm on a MAC with filemaker, so MAC based and filemaker is my preference.

Although I’ve reviewed SCRUM material, I haven’t been part of a development team using that methodology. To be quite honest, I’ve had a devil of a time finding FileMaker based workgroups that have used any official project management methodology to a high degree.

Most FileMaker development houses use their own tools to manage the GTD aspects of their business. The only tool that I’ve used is BaseCampHQ and I know that many other FileMaker developers have used it as well. I’ve used it to varying degrees of success for projects worked on remotely. I also introduced it to a 12 week project management practicum class at Bellevue College and we knocked a project out of the park for the non-profit organization HopeLink.

There isn’t any level of connectivity between BaseCampHQ and FileMaker.  If you can be more specific about your needs, I could do some more research for you and share those results on my blog.