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This example shows off the two less used import actions ( Replace Data In Current Found Set and Update Matching Records ). Each of these imports is set to leave the total number of records in the file the same ( 10 ).

When you click the Import Replace, you can see the import dialog box and that its import action is set to Replace Data In Current Found Set. You will also notice that FileMaker has adjusted the found set in the destination file. You now have a found set of 2 files from the overall number of records. This is because the source file we are importing from only has 2 records. Using replace option makes FileMaker dynamically update the found set in the destination file to match the source file.

Be sure to click “OK” and you will notice that you still have the same number of records ( 10 ) but the first two records now indicate they contain replace data. This is because that is the data that is in the source file. You can open up the source file and change that data to something else. Come back to the destination file and run the script again. This will allow you to see how the changes can be made.

The Import Matching button will also bring up the import field mapping dialog box and is set to the Update Matching Records In Current Found Set import action option.

We are using the Company Name field as our match data field. So for the records that have matching company names, FileMaker will import the Competitors With and Company Notes fields.

When the operation has been completed, you will notice that you are looking at the same number of overall records but we have a found set of one record. This is because there was only one matching record using the Company Name field between the two files. Only this one record was updated with the imported data. The record with the company name of Marvelous Products Company has been updated with the competitor information of ABC Company ( match data ).

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)

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