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In this example we illustrate how you can overcome the limitation of printing portal row data that you only see after scrolling a portal. We show you a standard layout that has some standard information about a person and a portal of some of their favorite things. The portal only shows 3 rows of data but their are 4 rows of information in each portal. To see the fourth row, you click a down scroll arrow button.

Underneath the portal are two buttons ...

This File - Print Preview
which will put you into print preview in the parent table. You will notice that the fourth row of data will not show up on the print out.

GTRR - Print Preview
which will take you to the related records in the child table ... for that portal! It will go to a layout in list mode and enter preview mode. You will see there that all 4 rows of portal data are displayed for printing.

The relationship in the child file is the same as in the parent file. In this case it is the child key field and the record ID field in the parent file. So for a moment, the roles of parent and child are switched for the GTRR print routine.

The layout needs to be viewable in list mode. The data that is in the portal row in the parent file needs to be in the layout body. The unique parent file fields need to be in the header or footer. The parent data you want to show needs to be linked via a relationship to the main file.

The script will need to go to the correct layout, print and then hide itself.

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)

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