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GTRR is an acronym for Go To Related Record, much like TGIF ( thank god it’s Friday). GTRR is very often an overlooked script step by fledgling FileMaker developers until they use it a time or two. GTRR allows you to do a number of impressive operations including making portals button docks or using GTRR as an alternative to performing a search. GTRR, in many ways, is like doing a find. In fact many developers use GTRR instead of scripted finds ( this particular developer included ). Scripted finds can be a little messy but GTRR actions can be squeaky clean.

By scripted finds, I mean a script that has to perform a FIND operation to get a set of records to work on. There are two types of scripted finds. The first is where you are always looking for the same thing, such as invoices that are overdue. The second is where the user enters in some variable to perform a search ... but this is done inside of a script ... because there are other steps the script does on either side of the Find operation. The main downside to using a GTRR instead of a find to get a found set is that you have to define a relationship for each different GTRR operations.

This example is a very simple illustration of the Go To Related Record capability in FileMaker. The parent file has 4 records within it one for each department. You can make a change in the department field above the portal and see the portal row refresh to show you the matching related records. In each portal row is a button "GTRR " in red letters. Clicking the button takes you to the related child table in a new window.

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)

There is a related movie for this example file.
It can be downloaded by clicking (here)

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