A Basic Technique For Marking FileMaker Portal Rows

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In this example, we want to illustrate how easy it is to mark a portal row and make a subset from the marked records. This technique is only useful with single user files. I will follow this up later with a more robust example that is multi user friendly.

Here you can see that we have a value list that controls what is seen in Portal 1. This example was built upon an earlier example called SingleAll. So lets just click the "All" choice in the value list. Now click the "Mark" field in a couple of the portal rows and hit the Enter key on the keyboard. So you can see that a change in one portal row record can affect what is displayed in another portal.

So lets talk about how entering a mark in the first portal allows that record to appear in the second portal. Normally a record appears in a portal when a change is made in the parent file, such as we do in the filtering example. This example uses the exact opposite technique. The first portal alters the child file record, which in turn affects the second portal found set.

The first portal has the field "Mark" in it's portal row. It is a value list check box with the single selection of 1. The parent file has a field we call a Universal Link, a calculation field that is always equal to one. It is used as the parent key to the mark field in the child file.

We should chat just a moment on why this technique would fail in a multiple user / network environment. The mark field only has two states 1 and empty. So if one user sets the field to 1, it is set to 1 for all users. To make this technique multiple user friendly, the mark field needs to be unique for the user that made the mark.

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)
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