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Many folks try to use time calculations to represent something that is going to happen in the future. For example, you take the current time and add X amount of time. The problem is the calculated result tends to be shown in military time. So instead of getting 1:30 PM, they end up with 13:30. This is the default method that FileMaker will show a result of a time based calculation.

So in this layout, we have three examples of time. The data entered is 1:20:34 PM in the first field but if you click into the field, you see the actual value is 13:20:34.

FIXING IT THE LAYOUT METHOD ... This requires you enter layout mode, click the field, choose number option under the Format menu and choose the AM/PM option. However, this is just the way it is viewed. The math is still in military time. This can cause a problem if you using the field in a word processing merge, in an email or other method.

FIXING IT VIA A FUNCTION... There is a method ... of course .. that can benefit from your knowledge of FileMaker functions. Here is an example using a time field called “Result Time.”

IsEmpty(Time Example), "",
Time Example < 3600, 12,
Hour(Time Example) - Case(Time Example >= 46800, 12))
& ":" & Right("0" & Minute(Time Example), 2) &
Case(Time Example < 43200, " AM", " PM")

and be sure to save your calculation as a text result!

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)

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