Feedback On The FileMaker 1.1 Update Message

From Dwayne Wright PMP - Certified FileMaker Developer
TWITTER: dwaynewright
YOUTUBE: FileMakerThoughts

Delighted to find an email from FileMaker Inc. in my mailbox announcing new features within the 1.1 upgrade of FileMaker Go.  It is exciting to have a new update and it is exciting to see FileMaker being so proactive in communicating update information! I would encourage you to visit the FileMaker web site for all the details but after visiting it, I do think they missed an opportunity to drive home the impact of these new features.

My disappointment with the update this morning continued and I cannot say it is with the features themselves. Although I really wanted to experiment with these features, I only had a hour or so before heading out to the day job. In this allotted time, my experience with these features  consisted of ...

 "Well, I guess it must not work this way".

For example, I installed the update on my iPad but not my iPhone. This was the only way I could find to compare any potential setting differences between the two. I noticed an option of "Save / Send" under the Action menu but I couldn't get any of the options found there to respond.

I feel that a small video demonstration of these features would have been a welcome addition to their communication message. Even a small two or three page pdf dedicated to the features power or impact would have been a great benefit.

Some FileMaker developers wouldn't look at such things because they enjoy figuring out how to use these or any new features themselves. There are an equal (and less vocal) chorus of developers that are the GTD (getting things done) variety. These GTD developers are more of the working class type and short video presentations showing the real potential positive impact of features can really help save them important time. This would also be helpful for those of us that write for periodicals, self publish or a combination thereof.

FileMaker Inc and the FileMaker community at large are blessed with enthusiastic developers that communicate freely via forums, blogs, podcasts and even user group meetings. These developers will spend a huge amount of time diving into these features, documenting them in their preferred method and sharing them. I feel confident that by the efforts of these developers, I will be up to speed in short order.

However, I have concerns about the "Joe Six Pack" FileMaker Pro developer. I really like the "Joe Six Pack" developer and feel they are the true heart of FileMaker development. Indeed, hasn't every accomplished FileMaker developer evolved from some humble beginnings? Will these fundamental developers invest the time or can they invest the time to do this level of digging for information?