Random Password Generation

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In this example, we paste a long text message into a global field. Then we click a button and 7 text fields will have a random word placed within it from the text in the global field. This way we have 7 unique passwords that are real words and not just a string of characters. We also want to build in some logic to detect if we have used the same word twice. This can happen because some words may appear many times in a piece of text ( such as a, the, and, I ).

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)

EXTRA CREDIT: Since these passwords are real words, the could be vulnerable to a dictionary hack. Although, I really doubt that many FileMaker passwords have been assaulted in such a manner. It is best practice to try and have passwords that have numeric or special characters sprinkled into the string. You could do that with this example as extra credit. You can detect where some characters may reside and have FileMaker replace them with other characters. For example (e = 3) (i = 1) or (o = 0).

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