For You FileMaker In-House Developers

From Dwayne Wright PMP - Certified FileMaker Developer
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For a little over six months now, I’ve been working as an in house FileMaker Developer / Project Manager for Hasbro under an outside contract agreement. Many in-house developer positions start off as contract, so this is quite common in the industry. I have a few months left and hopeful that “the powers that be” may choose to make this role a full time position.

Anyhoo ...

The temporary contract status is why I haven’t moved closer to work and have a 1 hour commute each way every day. In the mornings, I try to listen to a professional podcast and then queue up something more nerdy on the drive home. I unsubscribed from most technical podcasts because they seem to focus on mobile phones, video games and gossip and a little of that goes a long way. I stumbled upon The Manager Tools podcast, and after gobbling all of its episodes, their sister podcast Career Tools. You can subscribe to both via iTunes and I recommend them with equal enthusiasm.

A two part episode that I’d like to turn my in-house developer brethren to is "How to Give a Decision Briefing" in Career Tools. Part one is just under a half hour and part two is almost 45 minutes. In some ways, this technique seems a bit heavy handed but I experimented with it as a tool for a project that I’m working on at the office. Haven’t sent it out yet but I’d love to hear feedback from other developers on what they think on the topic.

If you are interested, the current drive home listen is Furies Of Calderon by Jim Butcher. I have listened to about 1/2 of his Dresden Files books from audible, narrated by James Marsters (Spike on Buffy) and wanted to give his fantasy series a taste. I’m barely into the fourth chapter of Furies but like it thus far!