FileMaker Simple Lookup Operations

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FileMaker has the ability to copy related information from one table to another and this process is called a lookup. In this example, we have set a relationship between a table called people ( used in the example layout ) and a table called zip_address. The relationship between the two tables uses the zip code field.

The zip_address table has about 1700 records that match various zip codes in the United States. This table also includes the city and state information associated to that zip code. So what you can do is create a new record and enter in the data in each field. You can move from field to field by using the TAB key on your keyboard. After you enter in the street address, FileMaker jumps past the city and state fields to the zip code field. A pop up list comes up and you pick the zip code you want to use. FileMaker then looks at the associated zip code in the zip_code file and automatically fills in the city and state fields. So you don't have to spend time entering that data in and you know that the data matches the correct data in the zip code field.

FYI... the zip_code file contains an older version of Illinois zip codes and hasn’t been updated in years. It is probably accurate enough for example work but I wouldn't use in in a production database.

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)

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