Constrain FileMaker Found Set Sans The Find

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The constrain found set can have absolutely nothing to do with a recent search. It works for the found set, it could care less how the found set came to be. You can create a found set with a GTRR, an import or by omitting records.

In this example, we use constrain found set and it has nothing to do with a previous find command. We have 3 buttons to come up with a found set of records. The first button is linked to a global field and is used with a GTRR command to build a found set. You can choose the market you want to view from the GTRR Market field and click the Run GTRR button. This will run a go to related record ( show only related ) script step. This gives us a found set to constrain.

The second button is a scripted way to walk a user through a constrain after a GTRR. The button is attached to a script that performs the GTRR script mentioned above and then puts the user into find mode. Next the script shows a dialog box telling the user to enter in their constrain find search information. At this point, the user is within a paused script. The user enters in the constrain find data and hits the enter key. This executes the remainder of the script. The users results will be a find within the GTRR found set.

The Show All Records button shows all the records in the found set.

Here is an example of using the second button.

1) Click the Show All button.

2) In the GTRR Market field, click shoes from the value list.

3) Click the GTRR With Constrain field. Notice the message telling you want to do. This can be omitted depending on how FileMaker savvy your users might be. In the State field, enter TX. This means the found set of 3 records ( all shoe markets ) with one Illinois record and two Texas records. Hit the Enter Key and you will see that you are looking a 2 records now ( both TX records ).

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)

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