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You may have noticed that FileMaker doesn't seem to be able to successfully search for email addresses.

Here you can see how I explain it in an examle file.

Well... that's because the '@' character used to separate the email address name from the domain name in an email address is a special character in FileMaker searches.

@ One Character Search Operator
In a search setting, the @ character is used to put a wildcard character into one character space that makes up part of a search setting. For example, a search for Mo@ could return Mom, Moe or Mod. This means any character could take the place of the @ character. However, only one character is all that can be replaced. Records with moon, move or moot would not be found because of the one wild character limitation.

One trick to get around the @ search operator is to put the search criteria in quotes. So instead of setting your find settings for, try “”.

The other way is to change the indexing of the email field to ASCII. ASCII is a standard data format that associates a numerical value to characters. This tweaks the index in which you are searching upon and then you can tell the @ symbol search operator from @ data string.

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)

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