Capturing Records Of Those That Have Not Paid Annual Dues

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In this example, we show you people that have NOT paid their annual $100.00 dues. You might think that you would have to set every child record that has not paid to a value. This value would be what the portal sees. Then if someone makes a payment, go back and edit the child record ... so that this person would no longer show up in the portal.

Well, you could do that but there is an easier way. In the child file we setup a couple simple calculations ...

Amount Due
100 - Amount Paid

Amount Due Indicator
If ( Amount Due > 0, 1, "")

So if the member has paid in full, there is no amount due. If there is no amount due, then the indicator field is empty. If there is an amount due, there is a one.

That is what we are using for our child key field. On the parent side, we are using our good old universal link / constant link. So an amount due makes the relationship valid and that record appears in the portal. No amount due leaves the child key field empty and will not appear in the portal.

Give it a try, enter $100 in one of the amount paid records and hit the Enter key to exit the record.

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)

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