Memory Lane: My Advertisements The First Year Of FileMaker Advisor

From Dwayne Wright PMP
Certified FileMaker Developer

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Came across these proofs the other day and thought it might be fun to share. When FileMaker Advisor was first announced, it was a big deal in the FileMaker community. Magazine racks were "the king" of the latest technical information and FileMaker design finally had a presence. It might be hard to believe looking at the FileMaker Advisor web site but the print magazine always had a high caliber of production value to go along with great information from the leaders of our industry.

My company name was LeSaux Media Services, because it started off by providing desktop video and multimedia services. Oddly enough, I was doing more business helping folks with their databases!

I decided I wanted to be part of this experience and agreed to a one year advertising contract with Advisor. I choose to run black and white advertisements to cut down on cost. I had an artist for a girlfriend back then and she did some stunning ad work.

My goal was to leverage the idea that I was being cheap (for black and white) and make it look like a "retro" design choice.

Although I was working for Apple at the time, I did some FileMaker consulting on the side.

I had my line of InBizness products but in FileMaker 3 format.

Even back then, I had dozens of articles, tip files, a terms glossary and even quizzes in pdf format. I was competitive with most of the larger FileMaker company web sites and happy to say (15 years later), I still have a competitive amount of free content for the beginner to mid level FileMaker designer!