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I don’t do this anymore because FileMaker security and the hacking of passwords is much more of a threat these days. Anyway, I just wanted to throw this out there as an example of a unique approach I used to use in generating passwords.

There was a time (back in the day) that I had to create rotating passwords for a pre-FileMaker 7 solution. So that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking up passwords, I would grab one of my many music CDs when setting password levels. I would use the first word of each song as a password. This made it quick and easy to make very unique password schemes. It also allowed me to associate a solutions password scheme to a CD.

For instance in the above solution, I'll use Anchorless by Kacy Crowley (which I recommend highly). It looks something like this...

User 1 = hand
User 2 = rebellious
User 3 = bottlecap
User 4 = singers
User 5 = melancholy
User 6 = vertigo
User 7 = anything
User 8 = nickel
User 9 = follow
User 10 = scars
User 11 = love

Of course, sometimes you can predict some of the passwords of some designers based on the music they enjoy. Some will have love, devotion, hope and charity while others may have drunk, penniless, abandoned and tequila. I’m joking! Anyway...

You could still use this technique but I would recommend tweaking it a bit to have a variation of case and numbers. So perhaps something like this would be more secure and harder to guess.

User 1 = hand01
User 2 = rebell10us02
User 3 = b0ttlecap03
User 4 = s1ngers04
User 5 = melanch0ly05
User 6 = vert1g006
User 7 = anyth1ng07
User 8 = n1ckel08
User 9 = f0ll0w09
User 10 = scars10
User 11 = l0ve11

Now all I did was change where the letter O appears and replace it with a zero, replace the letter i with a 1 and add an incremental number on the end. Again, something that could possibly be guessed but much harder and it is not that hard to remember. I didn’t add any upper / lower case but you can see the idea.

There are a number of other great techniques out there for creating passwords that are reasonable to remember but hard to guess.
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