Can FileMaker Go Cross The Chasm Into Marketplace Acceptance?

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I’ve just started an eight month University Of Washington certification course in Software Product Management.  One of the required reading texts is “Inside The Tornado” by Geoffrey Moore. As I was working my way through chapter 2, I began to think about FileMaker Go.

On page 19 of “Inside The Tornado”, Mr. Moore discusses the chasm concept and how it is the gap between The Early Market and The Mainstream Market. The early market made up of technology enthusiasts and visionaries, can contribute to short term success of a product. Later on in the book it describes what companies must do to cross the chasm to garner sales from pragmatists and conservatives. A chilling sentence in the book is that ...

Unfortunately, too few innovative products were actually able to get across "the chasm".

I wonder if FileMaker Go can cross the chasm? FileMaker Go technology is amazing! FileMaker developers love the idea of creating databases for the mobile platform. However developers and early adopters are on the wrong side of the chasm. Any strategy to dominate the mainstream mobile database market (if such a market exists / will exist), will likely require a distinct non-developer influence. At the very least, these are the lessons that "Inside The Tornado" seems to be expressing to me as I work my way through it.

This shows the basic chasm ideology. Click the image to go to its Amazon listing. MINI REVIEW OF INSIDE THE TORNADO
I've made it through the 3 hour abridged audio book a couple times, not a bad listen while on a long run. I've only made it through the first two chapters in the Kindle version of the book on my iPad. So far, I see why this is considered one of the key books for software product managers.

However, as a technology person, I struggle with all the reminders about how dated it is from the computer marketplace. Most of the references to products and companies are 20 years old. That doesn't make them any less powerful but it is challenging to suppress an eye roll (which could have tragic consequences on the previous mentioned audible book jog sessions).

By all means, I would recommend checking it out. Clicking on the image above will take you to the listing.

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