Creating New FileMaker Child Records Via A Displayed Portal

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It is quite common to create new child records from a portal within a parent file record. First you need to make sure the relationship options are set to allow the creation of related records. This option can be found in the lower third of the define relationship dialog box. It is available on both sides of a relationship due to FileMaker’s bi-directional nature.

Here you can see that one side of the relationship can create related records on the fly and the other cannot.

When you go back to Browse mode, the portals that use this relationship will have an empty bottom row. A user can click into one of the fields in this row and add data. As soon as the users adds data to that portal row, a new child record is created and the child key field is automatically populated with the parent key information. This insures the portal relationship is valid.

This concept of a blank row at the bottom is for new rows of data ... is ... well ... a bit confusing for some. The empty portal row to them looks like just that ... an empty portal row. They may not jump to the conclusion that it is an opportunity to create a related record.

So it is not uncommon for some developers to add their own personal touches to the process of adding new rows of portal data. These usually involve the use of scripts, buttons and sometimes global fields. We will cover some of these different techniques later on in this guide.

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