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If you would not mind, I have a question that is very critical to me regarding FMP database developing.
Here it is:
I am going to create a very basic database for my business so that my staff can get busy populating it with customer information. Once that is achieved, I want to then create a better database with improved graphics and fields and tables and relationships, etc. My only concern here (and this is where you come in) is how to get all the customers from the 1st, basic database, transferred over into my new one.
Is this possible, and is there a way to create my 1st database with this in mind so that the event of transferring in the future will be more seamless?
Thank you kindly for your time, and I sure do appreciate your Blog.
From Thailand

What I would recommend is get your first pass database complete (or close to it), duplicate it and then use it as the foundation for your 2.0 version. You can then use import routines to migrate data from one system to another.

In complex database systems, sometimes I create an “in between” file. I import data from my source into it and then massage the data until it is suitable to be loaded into my new release version. Then I import from my “in between” file into my final version and do what ever tweaks are necessary. I’ve written about this technique a number of times in different ways. You might want to search my web site for various import and export posts. ´╗┐

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