A READER ASKS: Do you know any good, independent FileMaker developers?

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Do you know any good, independent developers that I could call on to help build my solution or guide me through the process?

FYI ... This is the same reader that I addressing with the “Releasing An In House FileMaker Project Into The Wild Tips´╗┐” post.



Based on what you have told me thus far, you might want a FileMaker coach more than a developer. That is to say they offer a service that includes some training, some explaining and some pitch in coding when needed. I LOVE doing that kind of work but my in house developer position prevents me from doing that these days. I don’t really know which companies do that type of thing or how good they are at it.

A google search does net two names that recognize immediately, Skeleton Key and Mighty Data. I’d recommend dropping both of them both a line via email and see what they can do for you. Both companies have excellent reputations in the FileMaker community. ´╗┐

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