A READER ASKS: FileMaker 11 Book Recommendations

From Dwayne Wright PMP
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I'm looking for some good books for FMPro 11. Any recommendations? I have 30 years experience with database design and application development on IBM mid-range systems,  and am looking for information on how FileMaker works.
I'd have to say that I cannot recommend any FileMaker 11 books because I haven't picked any up.

The last FileMaker book I looked at was The FileMaker 10 Bible by Ray Cologon. In fact, I don't think they came out with a FileMaker 11 version. There is also the FileMaker Missing Manual series that was quite good but the FMP version 9 is the last one I saw of it. The FileMaker Training Series is also an option and quite good in its own way. It doesn't follow a classic book format but more of a robust classroom companion reference. Once again, the FileMaker 10 update is the last one I viewed.

Most FileMaker 10 books are still a fine option because the FileMaker 11 update is not that challenging. Don't get me wrong, I really like FileMaker 11 but charting is the only change that has any level of significant learning curve. Speaking candidly, I cannot seem to find any client that cares about adding charting to their database workflow, so I wouldn't recommend investing that much time learning it.

If I were to recommend something, it wouldn't be a book. If you can find a book at a price you are comfortable with, by all means go for it. The FileMaker 10 Bible is about $27.00 and the Missing Manual is about the same price. The FTS books are a bit overpriced at $100 but you can get it at half price if you join TechNet.

Oh, I did mention something about a recommendation didn't I? Well, I would certainly recommend FileMaker's TechNet! It wouldn't recommend it for beginners but certainly for any mid to advanced level developer. For the beginners, I would recommend the FileMaker training series videos from VTC.com or Lynda.com. A monthly membership, an all you can eat technical buffet, is quite reasonable. John Mark Osborne (vtc) and Cris Ippolite (lynda) take different paths in presenting the content but both are quite excellent