Reporting Outputs In The Modern Age

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Back in the day, reports were always printed on nice white paper in either portrait of landscape view depending upon how much information needed to be shown in a horizontal row. You had to put as much information into that one page as possible because it was difficult to link one page of information to another page unless you were physically there to force the connection. Now later on in the early 90s, you would see the emergence of Mr. Fancy Pants that introduced color, charts and sometimes both within the page of the report itself!

Regardless of the format, the main goal of a report is to present compiled information to the users in order for them to make an educated business decision. A glorified exercise of .... hello horse ... let me introduce you to this water ... try a drink? The business decision can be one of action with the purpose of changing the results of the report at a future date or holding fast because the report continues to say the business is on the right track.

The digital age has changed much of the way reports are compiled and transported but the overall purpose is the same. Back in the day, all reports were handed out in meetings or perhaps delivered to you via an inner office envelope. Now days, most reports are delivered via email or are downloaded from a reports specific web page. The reports may have many colors and charts within them but now may have photos, video, hypertext links or even active feedback like a survey question. Although some of these features are quite geeky, the bar is continuing to lower where the power of the geek is being bestowed upon mere manager mortals.

I’ll try to keep a look out for these cutting edge reporting format and please feel free to email me or comment on this post with any ideas or suggestions you may have.
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