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The extend found set allows you to expand your found set of records by performing a find in the omitted set and adding those results to the current found set. So your found set of records grow when an extended find is successful.

It can almost be described as performing two finds and blending the results into one found set. The idea is that you have a found set and after looking at it, you think of some other records you would like to have included. Before extended finds were possible (they were introduced with version 6), you would have to do an entirely new find and expertly craft your single search operation.

So another way to think of extended finds in action is that you initially started with a narrow search and then deciding to cast a larger net to make the found set larger.

To get extended finds to work properly, you first need to start off with a found set of records. Found sets can be created by a previous find, the use of an omit command or after a successful GTRR action. Then go into find mode and enter in the search settings you need to make the found set larger. Then instead of performing the find, perform the Extend Found Set menu option under the Requests menu ( again while in find mode ).
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