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What was the movie recording software you use?

The product I use is called ScreenFlow from Telestream. Making tutorial movies takes a little while to get used to and be prepared to throw away some of the movies you make. Not because of the program but just that it takes a little time getting used to the process of making movies you are comfortable showing to others. The one big tip is to avoid making long movies in one recording session. In my experience, it is better to make a short movie and then use the feature to record new presentations on top of a actively saved one.

This way if you mess up (and you will, trust me) in a section, you can delete it and just record that session again. It is also helpful to take a piece of paper and list out the small sections you want to cover in the movie.

Here is a link to Screenflow and you can download a demo to try it out.

UPDATE May 2, 2011, Found a limited time bundle that includes ScreenFlow. Saves you 50 bucks and you get a bunch of other applications in the bundle!

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