Breaking The FileMaker Copy All Script Step

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In this example file, we have 3 records with information in a field called description. We are showing these in a portal. We have a script attached to a button that will use the Copy All Records script to put all this information into a field called Example field.

BTW: The Copy All Records / Requests script  step  will  copy  all  the  contents  of  each  field  of  a  found  set  of  records  on  a  layout  to  the  clipboard  (except  for  graphics  or  sound  information  that  may  be  in a  container  field).  When  this  script  step  is  executed  the  information  in  the  fields  is  copied  in  a  tab-delimited  format.  That is to say each field value is separated by a tab character and each record is divided by a carriage return value. The entire process  is  done  without  copying  any  font  style  settings,  so  the values that it pulls from the data fields is  quite  plain when viewed. This information is not usually viewed by a user but used in a parsing process.

If you open the file with the admin account, it works great. If you open the file with user account, you get the error message that your account does not allow you to do this or the file cannot be modified.

Yes, I have changed my FileMaker icon to Bender from Futurama.

You can quickly switch between log in accounts by clicking the red text buttons.

Now if you click the “run with full access” privileges check box in the script, you should be ok. However, this will affect the script in its entirety.

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here)
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