A Different Setup For FileMaker Searches?

From Dwayne Wright PMP
Certified FileMaker Developer

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I have no idea where this concept originated but I was introduced to it at a Seattle FMPUG meeting a number of months ago. I just recently pulled out a notepad stashed away and it contained this tidbit.

In Scripts ...

Go To Find Mode
Go To Layout

eliminates the need for FileMaker to fetch the found set if the layout is showing a large data set. So it is possible this technique “could” be notably faster.

Come to think about it, this might have been the post DevCon meeting. The idea is that when FileMaker goes to a layout, it captures behind the scenes information such as records within a found set. This way records load faster as the user goes from one to the next.

I was wondering why everyone I know when scripting this routine always went to the layout first and then entered into find mode. I guess that it may date back to being the way many of the original FileMaker example files wrote this routine. Makes you wonder what other defacto scripting routines may date back to those same origins?