A READER ASKS: What I need is a simple way to know if a FileMaker portal contains ANY records

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What I need is a simple way to know if a portal contains ANY records

No problem! What you want to do is look past the portal and at the underlying relationship. Use the Count function, which is used to count the number of valid, populated entries in an indicated field ( repeating field or related field).

Quite often the count function is used to count the number of related records in another table occurrence. It is important to know that the Count function is intelligent enough to ignore empty fields and will not count them. An example of the count function could be a relationship between a customer record and their invoices. If the total number of invoices for a particular customer is over 10, they qualify for a special promotion.

I have an example file for Text / Number / Date / Time / Aggregate Functions. If you want to check it out, it can be downloaded by clicking (here).