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The Close Window script step can find an open window by its name and close it. It can also be used to close the current window without the need for specifying its name. The name of the window option has a nice check-box option of using the current file only. This feature was added via FileMaker 8 (I believe) and is very helpful if a user has multiple FileMaker files open and these files may have similar window names.

I've never seen the Close Windows script step used unless it is with an associated Open Window. Many times duel windows are used when ...

  • drilling down to get more informaiton listed in a portal row
  • using a FileMaker layout to look like a robust dialog box
  • opening a window off screen to do some processing of data 

Here you can see a script that I created about a week ago with my personal copy of InBizness Money. It simply creates a new record if my net worth has changed on startup and I can see it in a portal on the main layout. Notice how the new window opens at a -1000 top position to process the routine off screen and then has an ending close window step. 

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