A READER ASKS: FileMaker Jobs

From Dwayne Wright PMP
Certified FileMaker Developer

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Do you have any available positions or know of any projects that are looking for FileMaker developers?  I am willing to relocate as soon as possible.
Wish I had something for you but I’ve been out of the FileMaker consulting arena for a little over a year now. I took an in house position with Hasbro and I’m really enjoying the change of pace.

However a couple years ago, I put together a quick FileMaker file to help me with my job search. I didn’t add a lot of polish to it because I had hoped that it would only need a limited shelf life. The idea was to create a record with the FileMaker specific search string in the URL and then allow me to click one button to view FileMaker related job sites. Perhaps you will find some of these links useful and consider using your FileMaker skills to empower your job search?

BTW: I had thought about showing each web page in a web viewer instead of using the Open URL script step in a loop. Ultimately, I like the flexibility of having the data in a browser so I didn’t have to have FileMaker in the foreground.

On another note, you might try something less conventional and more proactive. If my job search would have gone longer, this was the next experiment I was planning. Go to the FileMaker.com web site in the consultants area (under support). Gather all the email addresses for the companies you are interested in and/or the locations you would like to work. Send them a resume and ask them if they would like to see an example of your work.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have ORIGINAL examples of your work to show prospective employers, you NEED to create some!

Here is a link if you want to download the little example file I created, (click here).