GTRR Work Great In FileMaker Anchor / Buoy Relationships

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Buoy uses relationships organized into groups and each group doesn’t touch. At the farthest left, each group has only one anchor table occurence and any number of buoy occurences. Since each group has only one anchor, this means will we have the same number of groups as we do tables (aka Anchors).

Here you can see a snapshot from my Proposal entity within my InBizness SOHO package. You can see that the Proposal table is linked to a Proposal Line Items table. This is because a proposal can have many milestones and those milestones are stored as line items. However, you also see the Line Item table occurrence showing up on its own. Remember, all base tables will have their own group and no two groups touch.

You might be thinking that a scripted GTRR (go to related record) may not work correctly in the Anchor/Buoy system. The truth of the matter is ... GTRR actually works better in a GTRR implementation. The fact that all layouts are only tied to base tables (anchors) is the key to making the whole thing work. Just because you are using a buoy relationship as the Go To, you are still going to a layout that has the same anchor. This is a bit confusing at first but your faith is not misplaced here.

If you have all your layouts tied to your true relationship graph anchors, your GTRR actions in an Anchor/Buoy implementation will work like a charm!

Free form use of the relationship graph is not easy to associate to layout. The way that everything links to everything and that relationships flow in both possible directions can confuse many a FileMaker developer.

The Anchor / Buoy method is very layout design friendly. This is because only certain table occurrences can be linked to layouts. This constraint pays some serious dividends later on in your design process but more about that later.
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