FileMaker Layouts And Table Occurrences

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When FileMaker 7 came out, there is something different about the layout setup dialog box. Layouts became linked to a defined table occurrence. Please note that I said a table occurrence and not a table, although by default the occurrence is linked to a table.

The linking of a table occurrence to a layout will affect some of the related fields you can see from a layout and one benefit of an Anchor / Buoy designed system.

Here you can see where the table occurrence comes into play in the layout setup dialog box. This pull down menu highlighted ( Show records from ) will show you all the defined table occurrences and you pick one to link to the layout.

Here you can see the defined table occurrences for the FileMaker file I’m working on. You can see how some of the base tables appear more than once but have different names. This is because how they are used on the relational graph.

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