The FileMaker Revert Record / Request Script Step

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Revert Record / Request
A seldom used script step that reverts the record back to its original unsaved state, sans any new data entry done. The key here is that the record will only revert back to its state before being committed. It does not allow you to roll back a record to previously saved states.

One other thing to note is that a record that has not been committed, also has not committed any changes to related data. So when you use the revert command, it will also revert any changes you made in a related record or new related records created in a portal! There is one option to perform the script step with or without a dialog box.

BTW: Commit Record Explained
When a FileMaker record is created or edited, it needs to be committed in order for that change to stick. Typically, the commit process is done when the user exits the record, clicks outside of a field or hits the record entry key on the keyboard. The process of committing record changes comes more into play in scripting processes, web interfaces to data and multiple user record locking issues.


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