Using A FileMaker Portal Like A Big Value List

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This technique would be for those true beginners but you have to start somewhere. Say you have a blank field on a record you are working on and you want to see what options are available to put in that field via a set of portal rows. When you see a record in the portal row that matches what you want within the blank field, you want to click on that particular portal row to populate that blank field.

Simply click the red Pick button to set the Product Picked field. What we did was create a special relationship so that all the records in the table Set B appear in a portal as selection options. 

The Cartesian Product describes a relationship where any record in one table occurrence will match all the records in another table occurrence. The relationship operator that you would use for this is the X operator.

This allows us to see all the fields in a portal. Then we placed a button in the portal row that calls on a script called Pick Related. This means that we are setting a field via the related item you chose in the portal!

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here).
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