Implementing A Quick And Easy FileMaker Audit Log

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This is actually a T-Shirt that can be ordered! Click the picture to go to their store!Although an audit log of data changes doesn’t allow you more security, it allows a developer / administrator / users to see what is going on in a database. The abiilty to see what has been changed, who changed it, when it was changed, what the original value is and what is the new value can be very empowering!

Ongoing review what is happening in a database is a key aspect in a solid ongoing security strategy. One of the quickest and easiest implementations I have seen has been provided “free of charge” to the FileMaker community by Ray Cologon of NightWing Enterprises.

It is called SuperLog Audit System and can be found with an incrediable collectio of other examples from the web site. Here is a link to the specific auding example file ....

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