Bringing A Camera To A FileMaker Client Meeting

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Just thought I’d toss this up quickly on the blog and share it with its readers. I’ve recently begun to bring a digital cameral to all my client meetings. This allows me to take snapshots of the whiteboard illustrations that are created during a meeting. It has become a nice addition to meeting notes to include the picture and comments that come to mind from it.

It also can become a great way to reference back to why you did this or did not do that in a project.

That is an excellent idea, Dwayne. I also suggest that when you get back to the office, you type up whatever is written on the whiteboard to make it more readable if the handwriting may be hard to understand.
Sometimes the client is outlining his ideas himself and I have on occation had difficulty reading the handwriting after some time has passed and when the subject matter was not so fresh in my mind any longer.

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