Duplicate A FileMaker Current Found Set Using Omit [example]

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It is not uncommon for a database to store very similar information at different dates. You get an entire set of bills each month that are basically the same thing as last month. This technique has the ability to duplicate a found set of records. It is a single file solution that uses a loop script. We added a couple find buttons to allow you to come up with a found set easily.

So what you will want to do is click the button to do a find for Illinois records. Take a look at the found set you have and then click the Duplicate Found Set button. You will see that you have more records overall. Click the button to Find Illinois again and you will see the found set has indeed be duplicated.

Here is a look at the script that performs the duplicate found set action. It is a looping script that will go from record to record in the found set and duplicate it (if it has not been duplicated already).

An example file can be downloaded by clicking ( here ).

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