A READER ASKS: Average Rates For A Customized FileMaker Solution?

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If you don’t mind me asking what is the average rate for making a FileMaker system like this?

In my experience, average rates for database custom development systems are about as common as unicorns. Actually, I think that unicorns may be more common (grin).

The best things you can do at this stage is ...

- define your minimum “must have” needs
- define your "nice to have" needs
- define your "over the top" needs
- research a user interface you like (be prepared to explain why)
- determine how often you want to see updates
- have an idea of what your acceptance criteria may be

and finally cast a large net to find the developer you feel comfortable working with on the project. You can find a large number of developers to choose from the filemaker.com web site.

In development, face to face meetings are always the best but there are a minority of developers that exceed in remote design and delivery. They tend to have tools and methods specific to this type of work and they should be prepared to discuss those with you before working on the project. The technology they require may be incompatible with your current system or have additional requirements you need to work out BEFORE the project starts.

Finally, I would recommend making the developer you choose to prove themselves by delivering the system that meets your minimum “must have” needs and then explaining their game plan for addressing the next version. You need to make sure they can deliver and work with you in a fashion that you feel comfortable. A “getting to know each other” minimum delivery project is always best before jumping into the deep end of the feature pool.

Best of luck on this system and the developer you choose!


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