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I found your site through a Google search. I want to create a new field that trims just the domain.com part of an email address into it's own field. I'm confused on the proper syntax. Can you point me to a resource? Thanks!

Well, if you have an email address field, you will want to focus on the @ symbol that proceeds the domain name. You can use the position function to find where the @ character is in the string, found out how long the string is and then use the left and right functions to return just the data to the left or right of the @ symbol.

For example, the following tells you where the @ character is ...
Position ( email ; "@" ; 1 ; 1 )

This tells you to get everything to the right of the @ symbol ...
Right ( email ; Length(email) - Position ( email ; "@" ; 1 ; 1 ) )

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Now if you are using FileMaker Advanced, you might want to use a custom function for this. Here are some links I found that were interesting and domain related ...

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