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A READER ASKS: I have some scripts for sending emails out to our clients on certain days (birthdays etc). While the scripts worked in the past we now have Filemaker server nine so they no longer work. (non web compatible) I have very very limited knowledge of how to begin to solve this. We are a small company and I am trying to save these scripts. Do you have any suggestions?

DWAYNE RESPONDS: Correct me if I’m mistaken but it sounds like you are using a web browser to access your FileMaker data with Instant Web Publishing. Putting a FileMaker database on a FileMaker server and still using a copy of FileMaker locally shouldn’t affect your email related scripts. The Send Email script step is NOT IWP compatible.

If this is the case, you can tweak your scripts a little bit for your IWP users and still send emails later on with a FileMaker 9 client connection. You can use the Get(ApplicationVersion) function in your script to see if your user is using FileMaker or IWP.

The Get ( ApplicationVersion ) function will return a text result of what version of FileMaker Pro you are using. This is handy when you want to build in startup scripts that check your users version. If they have an older version, you can toss up a dialog box telling them how to upgrade!

For the FileMaker users, you can send the email like you did before. For you IWP users, store the outgoing email in an email table (you will need to create that) and set its status to be sent later on.

Then at the end of the day (or when ever you want), you can have one of your FileMaker 9 client machines do a find for all emails in queue, send them and update their status to sent.

Another option is to use the OpenURL script step using the html tag of "mailto:". I’ve had mixed results with this technique but (when it works) it creates an outgoing email in your email application kind of like what the Send Mail script step does in regular FileMaker. You can do a google search on that technique and finally lots of forum postings about that method.

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