A READER ASKS: Basics Of Limiting Exposure To FileMaker Data

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If your too busy to help I understand. I’ve set up user account privileges with no problem. The Field “Created By” is auto filled with (AccountName)

The problem is, I want the user to be able to enter data and flip through the records without seeing that , for the records that he doesn't have permission to view. I assumed that best way to do this is to create a “Go To Record” script that would go to the next record (or previous record) with the value of current (AccountName) in my field “Created By”.

Does this make sense?

I know this can’t be hard but I’m kind of new to this.

The step I’m using

1 create button
2 Go To Record/Request/Page
3 Specify: By Calculation
then I have no clue.

Sorry, recent picture of my dog at a camping site we visited in California. Couldn't help myself! (grin)
You are on the right track and just about there! You will need to create a script for your record navigation. Simply passing over records the user does not have access to see, is one way to go. It may confuse a user in situations where they see a found set of records of 10 (for example) but they can only view 2 of them. Another way to go is to add a constrain found set command to your searches and reports. This could be used to move restricted access records to the omitted set. So you will want to investigate options of passing over records or simply removing them from the users browsed found set.

The more I think about it, I’m leaning more to the omit method. You can setup a scripted routine that automatically omits the records the user does not have access to view. After each search, you run a scripted routine for omit related actions. If some restricted view records make it through the system, omit them separately as the user navigates from one record to the next, change modes or navigate to different layouts. This method gives the user a more true representation of the records they can view and work with.

Although you can accomplish this coding with the last few versions of FileMaker, the script trigger feature of FileMaker 10 would be a very nice fit for you here. If you don’t use FileMaker 10, you are going to hide the status area and create your own record navigation buttons. If you are using FileMaker 10, you can use record, layout and mode triggers to continually tweak your found set.

WARNING: FileMaker 10 has made some changes in the way calculations are referenced and extended privilege sets are no longer supported in record level access controls. Refer to the FileMaker KnowledgeBase article 7161 for more information.

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