READER WRITES: Looking For FileMaker Web Support

From Dwayne Wright PMP
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READER WRITES: Looking For FileMaker Web Support
I am searching for a Filemaker web developer to do minor work on an existing site/database. Anyone in the U.S. would be great. I’m looking for a Filemaker web developer who knows a bit of web programming (lasso). It’s an older site, pretty simple set up. The problem now is that when a user submits a registration form, a new record is no longer created in the database. It was working fine yesterday and also for a half dozen years before that. There’s a need to get it fixed right away, and also other changes, enhancements down the road.

I've suspended my custom design business and web development was never a core competency of mine. I'll post this to my site and link it to my Twitter account. Look for possible replies in the comments section. You might also want to do a consultant search from the FileMaker web site. 

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