A Homegrown Week Calendar Via 7 FileMaker Portals

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In this example, we show you how to build a calendar view of a weeks worth of appointments. Like with most things FileMaker, it's not that hard to create if you break it down into a series of smaller steps.

What we've done is create a layout that has seven portals that will show the appointments for each day of the week. Above and to the right of each portal, is a View button that will take the user to a list view of those days records ( via GTRR ).

The key to all the portals is a reference date, used from a global field called evaluation date. From this data, the corresponding days ( Sunday through Saturday ) are calculated and are used a parent key fields in their associated portals.
We start off by figuring the Sunday of the week for any given date. We first covered this in our Guide To FileMaker Calculations and Functions.

evaluation_date - (DayofWeek(evaluation_date) -1)

I'll explain this a bit before moving on, lets start by saying the evaluation date is Friday 6/13/2003. That means the DayofWeek function will return a 6. So it looks like

6/13/2003 - ( 6 -1 ) which really means...

6/13/2003 - 5 which really means...

6/8/2003 ... which is the Sunday of that week.

To get the rest of the days ( Monday through Satuday ) add a one to the last value.

MONDAY - evaluation_date - (DayofWeek(evaluation_date) -2)
TUESDAY - evaluation_date - (DayofWeek(evaluation_date) -3)
WEDNESDAY - evaluation_date - (DayofWeek(evaluation_date) -4)
THURSDAY - evaluation_date - (DayofWeek(evaluation_date) -5)
FRIDAY - evaluation_date - (DayofWeek(evaluation_date) -6)
SATURDAY - evaluation_date - (DayofWeek(evaluation_date) -7)

Then we simply create a portal using each of these fields as a parent key for that day. You can get quite a bit more elaborate by creating calculated key fields for a person's employee id, a particular appointment type or just about anything.

An example file can be downloaded by clicking (here).
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