A READER ASKS: Viewing The Latest FileMaker Order Date?

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Any chance i can pay you for an answer to a filemaker question? :) BTW: I found your blog, drilled through it but didnt find an answer and the same is true for a lot of the filemaker forums.

I have a simple need:

Customer Table
Order Table

I simply want the date of the most current order. How?

After sorting the ORDER table I tried calculating the max, and latest, without success.


Sorry to hear that your forum searches came up empty, sometimes searching in them takes a couple passes. Normally if you post something to those boards, someone will be eager to help you. You may want to  consider joining FileMaker's TechNet. Technet is now FREE, has a bunch of support options and a very active help forum with developers around the world! http://www.filemaker.com/technet/

There are a couple ways to do what you asked but one is ruthlessly simple.

- Pull up the relationship dialog box between the relationship from the customers table to the orders table.
- Under the Orders table, choose to have the relationship sorted by order date descending
   (you can also choose to sort by a timestamp field on creation of the order)
- Put the related field order date field on the Customer table layout

Since the relationship is sorted by order date, the field will always show the date by the most current order.
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