Some Quick Tidbits About FileMaker Script Triggers

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I have a little over 100 FileMaker script trigger questions in my FileMaker Quiz product. Today I was looking at a series of the true / false questions that had true as the answer and thought I’d do a quick post of them here. So here you go ...


If you have multiple FileMaker 10 layout objects selected, you can apply a single script trigger to all of them.

A layout object can have more than one script trigger attached to it.

A field with the OnObjectEnter script trigger can fire when new records are created.

A repeating field with the OnObjectEnter script trigger will fire when tabbing between each possible repetition.

Tabbing into a tab panel will fire an attached OnObjectEnter trigger.

Clicking the tab panel with a mouse will NOT fire an attached OnObjectEnter trigger.

The OnObjectEnter trigger assigned to a portal will fire whenever a different row in the portal becomes active.

OnObjectKeystroke actions are processed after the OS processes and the FileMaker processes.

The OnObjectExit script trigger does not care if a field is modified or not before firing.

A pop up menu can block other events from occurring such as scripts.

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