The FileMaker GetAsText Function

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GetAsText( data)
FMP Version: FileMaker 7 and higher
Text, number, date and time information are stored differently and those differences can become very important in complex calculations. The GetAsText function looks at information that is stored in another format and converts it to text. When converted to text, then you can manipulate the text string with any of the text functions like left, right, middle, position or patterncount ( to name just a few ).

FYI ... You can even use the GetAsText function to capture where reference container data resides. When you wrap a container field with GetAsText and that container field stores the reference to that file, FileMaker will tell you that path!

Open storage paths subdirectory names for FMP12 container data that have been manually edited will result in FileMaker displaying <Missing:theFileName> errors. The directory path must be restored manually and guess which calculation function can help with that? Yep, the GetAsText function!

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