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I am trying to parse out the first letter of a last name in a field that has first/last name. I also want a period after the first letter of last name.

I have gotten the first name and the period figured out. But when I do my calculation it gives me the last instead of first) letter of the last name!

Any thought?

This shouldn’t be a problem when you create your calculation using the right and position functions. In your case, the “/” character is used to separate the first and last names. Once you know the position of the “/” character, you will want the next non-blank character afterwards.  

data = "first/last";
separatorposition = Position ( data ; "/" ; 1 ; 1 );
rightofPos = Right ( data ; separatorposition -2 )];


Since writing a nested function can get tricky, I’ve gotten into the habit of using the Let function to build the calculation. This can be handy because you can change the final calculated value to double check the progress along the way. Say you think that you are missing the exact location of the “/”. You can edit the calculation (normally in the Data Viewer) to see how that sub-calculation looks.

data = "first/last";
separatorposition = Position ( data ; "/" ; 1 ; 1 );
rightofPos = Right ( data ; separatorposition -2 )];


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