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I love custom menus and so I’m also quite fond of the Install Menu Set Script Step. As of FileMaker 12, this script step is the only way to change the menu set for a FileMaker layout WITHOUT using a copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced. In some ways, many developers wish they had more options in switching out menu sets but don’t let that diminish what you can do with the Install Menu Set Script Step right now.

Custom menus can be one of the most effective ways to empower your FileMaker solution with productivity options and still keep the user interface clean and simple.

Like most script steps, you need to add the step to your script and then select options for that step. You do have to hard code the menu set you want to switch to and any branching actions will have to be done via embedding various Install Menu Set Script steps inside of If script step sections. The menu set to switch to is available via a pull down menu in the option area and you can choose to install the default menu set.

The Install Menu Set Script Step is user specific, so running this script step for one user will not change the menu set for another user of the database. So if you need to change the menu set for a particular user role, it is a good idea to attach that option in the overall scripted navigation of the solution.
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