FileMaker Layout Number Field Formatting Options

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Layout field options are often overlooked or perhaps I should say the levels of flexibility in field layout formatting is often overlooked. Number formatting options are very robust. You can choose from the following options.

General Format - used as the quickest and easiest option. FileMaker will round the field to fit within the boundaries of the field on the layout.

Leave Data As Formatted - shows the number with none of the formatting applied

Format As Boolean - means that a number is going to be represented as either zero or something other than zero. You can specify what characters can mean a zero result or the non zero result.

Format As Decimal - Allows you to format a number with a fixed number of decimal places. Allows you to use a notation such as percent, currency ( leading ) and currency ( trailing ). You can also specify the currency symbol that will be used. The final option for this format is to not display the number if it is zero.

You can also format a number to have a specific separator for the decimal point or the thousands. You can even choose to use a separator other than the classic period for decimal and comma for thousands.

You can also decide how negative numbers will appear on the layout and even choose a custom color for when negative numbers occur.

At the bottom of the Number Format dialog box, you can see a sample of the settings you have selected.

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